Comp Plan Review

If your existing compensation plan isn’t producing the results you think it should, let us do a professional evaluation of it. ¬†We will compare it to the best industry practices and techniques and help you see it’s strengths and weaknesses.

Professional Compensation Plan Review – $3,500 fixed price
  • Initial webinar meeting with your key staff members to walk through your plan and better understand the issues to consider
  • We develop a thorough evaluation report rating each element of the plan on a scale of 1 to 5 for both strengths and weaknesses
  • Career Path is thoroughly analyzed for improper requirements, volumes, or other elements that can cause problems
  • Each payout is analyzed as to its behaviors rewarded and alignment with your career path
  • A final 2 hour webinar meeting to review each item on the evaluation report in detail with your team. We answer your questions and address your concerns.

This is NOT a design service. The evaluation is not intended to tell you how to fix your broken compensation plan. Instead, it focuses on strengths and weaknesses compared to industry best practices.  Correcting broken plan elements and designing the right enhancements requires far more analysis and discussion than the scope of a plan review can provide.