Private Executive Training Workshops

The '"A" team when it comes to compensation plan design. Nobody has a better track record. Party Plan. MLM. 100% client satisfaction. No exceptions.

Creating an effective compensation and field motivation strategy is not just designing a great compensation plan.  It’s more about how you and your team think and apply your knowledge and experience.

Our workshops are designed to provide concentrated instruction and thought provoking discussion on the best ways to motivate your sales force to build a solid and sustainable momentum of growth. These workshops will change you think about sales force compensation.  All levels of direct selling experience benefit immensely from the experience.

Private Executive Training Workshops
  • 3-day, Best Practices of Sales Force Compensation Strategies (most popular for established companies)
  • 1-day, Introduction to Direct Selling for executives who are new to the industry
  • 1-day, Introduction to Sales Force Compensation Principles
  • 2-day, Sales Force Compensation Plan Design (partial agenda) (sufficient for a new start up)
  • 2-day, Introduction to Direct Selling and Sales Force Compensation Principles
  • 3-day, Introduction to Direct Selling plus the 2-day Sales Force Compensation Plan Design (partial agenda)