Start-Up Companies

Fixed fee service package for $12,900 – no hourly billings
  • Every plan is custom designed to perfectly fit your business model, profit margins, selling approach, and personal preferences (if any)
  • You make the final decisions on every aspect of the plan so it perfectly fits your business and approach
  • International or single country plans
  • 4 hours of private pre-design training on compensation plan design best practices and principles that help you take an active role in the design of your compensation plan
  • Financial model: a unique and vital tool we create for your specific compensation plan that shows the details of how much it will cost at maximum load. No more guess work on whether the plan will bankrupt you or fit within your budget. No other plan designers provide this crucial planning tool.
  • We help your software provider (whoever it is) to program your compensation plan correctly. This will help avoid most of the programming errors causing incorrect commission checks.
  • Party Plan:  we will design a great hostess rewards program tailored to your business needs
  • If you calculate commissions by hand, we will teach you how to do it and help you do it correctly for the first few months. We offer an optional spreadsheet tool to help you do this accurately.
  • If you have software that calculates your commissions, we will help you validate the accuracy of the calculations and audit the results for the first few months
  • Train the Trainer:  You and your senior staff members will be trained on how to teach the compensation plan to others.
  • Review all materials you create that describe how the plan works such as web pages, distributor manuals, brochures, etc., to avoid making expensive mistakes in your published documentation on the plan
  • Up to 2 webinar conference calls with your leaders or prospective founders to explain how the compensation plan works and help them to feel passionate about the opportunity
  • Answer questions from your senior staff on the compensation plan at any time in the future at no charge
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Nobody offers so much for so little.  This is one reason every client in the last 10 years recommend us.  100% client satisfaction. Reference gladly available upon request.